Texas Annual Conference Board of Ordained Ministry

The Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) is the conference committee responsible for many aspects of ordained ministry, including recruiting candidates for ordained ministry and guiding them through a process of education, training and ordination. Candidates for ordained ministry meet with the BOM during triads and interviews prior to commissioning and ordination.

List of Committee Members

Clergy – Class 2020

Stacy Auld             Nathan Hodge                          Carlos Phillips

Bert Bagley           Bob Johnson                             Deborah Proctor

Michael Bedevian  Kenneth Levingston                  Heather Sims

David Brasher       Romonica Malone-Wardley       Rita Sims

Jerome Brimmage  Jeff McDonald                         Jim Turley

Bryan Harkness     Meredith Wende Mills              Keith Whitaker

Wade Harman       Kevin Otto                                Marilyn White


Deacons – Diaconals – Class 2020

Sunny Farley                            DeAndre Johnson


Laity – Class 2020

Jan Floro               Deborah Hill                              Martha Scott

Oscar Garza          David K. Johnson


Clergy – Class 2024

Robert Besser        Marty Dunbar                           John Robbins

David Briggs          Brandi Horton                           Carol Turner

Lorraine Brown      Mike Lindstrom                         Tommy Williams

Robert Childress    Bobbie Maltas

Linda Christians    Luis Ramirez


Deacons – Diaconals – Class 2024

Carrie Leader


Laity – Class 2024

Debbie Moffett      Rhonda Taylor

Tony Pierce           Gary Wooley


Cabinet Representatives

Kip Gilts                Alicia Coltzer


Ex-Officio Members (with voice & vote)

Emily Everett         dCOM Chairs:                           Jeremy Wester

Todd Jordan          Kevin Kissel                              Carolyn McCall-Livingston

Teresa Rossy         Jeff Powers                               Marty Vershel

Stephanie Scott     Lani Rousseau                          Katy Ware

Irv White               Roy James                               


Ex-Officio Members (with voice, no vote)

Elizabeth Duffin    Gail Ford Smith

Jeff Olive






Clergy-Cla s s of 2020 
Bert Bagley 
Michael Bedevian 
Ca rol Bruse 
Janice Gilbert 
Bob Johnson 
Kevin Otto 
Ca rlos Phillips 
Hea ther Sims 
Ri ta Sims 
Robert Stutes 
Jim Turley 
Kei th Whi taker 
Deacons-Diaconal s-Cla s s of 2020 
Sunny Fa rley 
Ann Spea rs 
Lai ty-Cla s s of 2020 
Os ca r Ga rza 
Deborah Hill 
David K. Johnson 
Ma rtha Scott 
TBN-Boa rd of Lai ty Rep. 
Clergy Cla s s of 2016 
David Bra s her 
Jona than Bynum 
Ted Campbell 
Jus tin Coleman 
Chri s ti Conway 
Ka ren Dorri s 
Josh Hale 
Robert Glenn Johnson 
Todd Jordan 
Ca rolyn McCall 
Jerry Neff 
Jeff Olive 
Silverio Sanchez 
Linda Snow 
Laceye Wa rner John Whi tehurs t
Shelli Williams
Deans-Diaconal s-Cla s s of 2016 
Melody Kraus 
Lai ty-Cla s s off 2016 
Jan Floro 
Rosie Johnson 
Judy McFa rland 
Ken Tielke 
Monroe Walker 
Cabine t Representa tives 
Lawrence Young 
Ex-Officio Members (wi th voice & vote ) 
Danny Ba rre tt 
Jerome Brimmage 
Alicia Col tzer 
Vicky Ha rri s 
Na than Hodge 
Jeff McDonald 
Stacy Pell 
Deborah Proctor 
Jimmie Reese 
Meredi th Wende 
Ma rilyn Whi te 
Doug Wintermute 
Bobbie Mal ta s 
Linda Chri s tians 
Bryan Ha rknes s 
Chuck Weber 
Ca rol Turner 
Robert Besser 
Southwes t-DCOM 
Robert Stutes 
Ex-Officio Members (wi th voice-no vote ) 
Taylor Meador Fuers t 
Shanda Levings ton 
Gail Ford Smi th